Trees are dangerous. If they could walk and talk, we guarantee they would quickly be sent to the front lines.

But seeing as these beautiful plants are rooted in your backyard, when they grow out of control they need to be contained. And the way we contain trees is by trimming them.

And while trees are dangerous, they’re also lovely when taken care of properly. And we want the right hands caring for them.

There are plenty of scammers out there. And sometimes it’s hard to tell a fake from the genuine thing.

We’ve come up with a list of ways you can avoid tree trimming scams. Keep on scrolling for more.

1. Tree Trimming: When It’s Too Good to Be True

Like most things in life, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Tree trimming is a lot of work. And not only that, it’s dangerous.

You’re paying someone to risk injury by climbing up in your tree and trimming it down. If they charge considerably lower than others, they may not be doing their job properly.

The lowest bid company may cut┬ácorners. And if they’re cutting corners, you won’t actually save money. You might even lose your tree.

2. Avoid the Poorly Insured Tree-Trimmer

Simply put, not all insurance is equal. As a consumer, you want to be protected.

If a worker get’s hurt on your property and their insurance does not cover the damage, you could get sued. How do you ensure this doesn’t happen?

Ask for a company’s insurance company and do the research yourself. A legitimate insurance company will be able to produce the certificates of insurance.

If they refuse, drop that company right away. You don’t want to leave yourself open for attack.

3. Ask All the Questions!

Any service should stand up to scrutiny. And while your tree-trimmer is an expert, they should be able to answer your questions.

What questions should you ask?

  • Are you International Society of Arboriculture┬ácertified?
  • Are you workers trained in safety and proper tree care techniques?
  • Do you have pictures of previous jobs?
  • What is the A-300 pruning standard?
  • Does your company have a physical address? (Very important, scammers don’t have one.)
  • Do you top trees? (Run far away if they say yes.)
  • Do you have liability and worker’s comp insurance? And can I get a copy?
  • What can you tell me about tree care?

If they balk at these questions, they’re probably not legit.

4. Ask For a Quote

If they offer a free estimate, ask for a specific quote. Now, they may not be scammers if they offer an estimate. But you might find yourself with an added cost at the end if you don’t get a quote.

5. Avoid the Tree Toppers

There’s the right way to trim trees and there’s tree topping. Tree toppers cut too close to the tree and leave your beautiful tree looking like a stick your dog would chew.

These scammers often prey on vulnerable populations and offer other “services” which they never intend to complete. You’ll end up with an unhealthy and ugly tree and less money in your pocket.

So, if you are willing to ask questions or do your research, you should be safe. But if you want a truly legitimate tree trimming service contact us and we’ll trim your trees right.

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