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Full Service Residential & Commercial Tree Service

Trees add a lot of values to your home. Apart from adding aesthetic values, trees also provide shades for outdoor relaxations. Another added delight is that they have a climatic impact on the environment. Despite the obvious usefulness of trees to our environment and well-being, we often take them for granted, subjecting them to various abuses and intense weather conditions. If you love trees and you want to plant some around your home, it is best to give them the care that will guarantee great results.

We have great partners we work with especially in scenarios that require larger equipment to make high risk tree removal a little less intense.  We have our mobile crane service partners come up and set up their crane to help with hard to get to back yard, trees that maybe already split or any other potentially hazardous scenarios that we encounter.

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Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

In order to maximize the benefits of trees in your yard, you need to take a number of proactive actions to keep them in great health. Identifying and attending to some of the needs of your trees may require professional inputs, if you want the intervention to have lasting impacts. Therefore, it is important that you contact professional tree care service provider who will ensure that your trees are healthy, resilient, and able to survive harsh wind, heavy rain and extended drought for years.

So if you live in Apple Valley, Farmington, Eagan, Rosemount, Lakeville, Burnsville, or any of the surrounding cities, and you need assistance on keeping your trees healthy, you can contact Apple Valley Tree Service for the most reliable professional help. Apple Valley Tree Service is a leader in the tree care industry and we are passionate about rendering quality services at excellent pricing. Some of the areas where you may need our services include:

  • Tree trimming and pruning

  • Tree removal

  • Stump Grinding and removal

  • Tree diagnosis and evaluation

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  • We also offer useful tips such as the amount of water your trees need or the type of soil that is most suitable for them to thrive. Sometimes you need to know if your trees are drought tolerant or if they are sensitive to certain stressors. You may not have ample knowledge of all these unless you consult experts in the industry to help you out. We understand all these shortcomings and we often provide useful tips for clients on our site. If you are in doubt about how to care for your trees, you will find some of the following tips handy:

    1. Protection for Tree Roots

    Your focus should be on protecting the roots, and this begins with the soil surrounding the roots. Sure, having healthy soil around your tree is critical for the protection of the roots. A healthy soil allows for easy water and oxygen infiltrations, thereby helping the root to gain abundant nutrients needed to thrive successfully. Make sure the critical root zone (CRZ) of your tree is well protected from any disturbance that may impact the well-being of the trees overtime.

    2. Proper Tree Pruning and Trimming

    Pruning and trimming of trees in your compound is critical to their survival. You may need the service of a professional tree care provider to get these jobs done properly. This is because tree pruning and trimming require the right timing and an understanding the overall structure of your tree for you to achieve a desirable result. An expert tree care provider will follow the basic guidelines below:

    • Crossing branches: Tree branches that cross and rub against each order can cause damages to the bark. Therefore, you may need to remove the smaller branch to encourage the stronger and more robust branch to thrive.

    • Dead and broken branches: Dead and Broken branches can cause severe damage to the thriving parts of a tree through the infestation of organism and other parasites. In case of dead and broken branches, a professional can help you with a clean cut that allows the tree to self-heal.

    • Low branches: Low branches may reduce aesthetic value of your property. They may also hinder sufficient light supply into the space. Therefore, it is important to seek professional advice to guide you on the best way out.

    3. Tree Removal

    Removing trees from your yard aren’t as simple as you may think. You may lack the know-how and the tools require for a perfect job. In fact, you can cause severe damage to your property if the tree and its branches fall on the wrong side. However, an expert tree care service provider will take all the necessary precautions needed to get the job done properly.

    4. Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

    After cutting the trees, you may need to grind or remove stumps to clear the space as well as to avoid future accident. Although you can rent stump grinder to do the job on your own, it is wiser to hire professional who knows how to deal with the situation better.

    5. Tree Diagnosis and Evaluation

    Tree in the forest have natural ways of taking care of themselves. They continuously enjoy intact layer of decaying organic matter needed to enrich the soil and creates a rich microbial environment that helps roots to easily absorb nutrient. Trees in your homes, however, do not enjoy such luxury as the soils on which they stood are often affected by lots of toxic substances in the environment. Thus, you need to consult with a professional tree care provider to help you diagnose and evaluate the health status of trees in your compound so as to maximize their potentials.

    6. Identify Tree Diseases

    As a layman, identifying tree diseases may be quite challenging. Some of the challenges may range from a strange growth to a discolored tree bark. Engaging the service of an expert is critical to discovering problems with your trees and provides solutions that keep them healthy.

    Although all the above tree care tips can come handy for you, it is wiser to hire a professional tree care provider who can assist you to take adequate care of your trees.

    Apple Valley Tree Service is a leading tree care provider in South Metro and we provide professional service for neighboring and surrounding cities including Apple Valley, Farmington, Eagan, Rosemount, Lakeville, and Burnsville, among others. We will assist you with your current project from start to finish with you and your budget in mind throughout the whole process. You can give us a call on 612-440-8733 to discuss your project or you can fill out the form on our page to get a call back from us.


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