Residential Tree Services

Residential Tree Services

We are here to help with your specific project.  Our process is simple either call us direct or fill out the form and well get back to you shortly.  Once we have discussed your project we will then schedule a convenient time to come give you a free quote on your project.

Once at your property we will go over the specifics and do an evaluation and give you a free no obligation quote at that time.

Tree work is a daunting task to tackle on your own and we are here to do the job for you. We have the right equipment and we know exactly what we need to do regarding the trees on your property.

We will evaluate first the health of the trees to learn which trees have diseased and treat them properly. We will ensure to you that we will remove the parts that cause some harm and provide you better results.

Apple Valley Tree service will ensure you that you will be assisted with the best tree work that you will need. We have the ability to help you deal with all of your tree service needs. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Storm clean up
  • Crane work
  • Shrub trimming
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Tree removal Apple Valley MN

Tree removal

There are multiple reason you may need to have a tree or multiple trees removed from your yard.  There could be an issue with the health of the tree, it could be dead and it time to clear it out or your looking to create more sunlight in your yard. For whatever the reason, Apple Valley Tree Service is here to help you from discussing your need over the phone, an initial meeting at your location to provide a quote and finally the entire removal process.

Tree removal company

Our top goal is to treat out clients like our neighbors and provide and experience that will create a long lasting relations for years to come.  Our approach is simple explain what exactly needs to be done from start to finish to accomplish your project, provide great pricing and follow through till the end.


Tree Trimming

We can help you tackle your tree tree trimming project and deliver a perfectly manicured landscape.  If it’s been awhile since you last had your trees trimmed or pruned or you just bought a house that has some differed maintenance we can tackle the project and get your trees looking great again.  Or if your are selling your property and would like to get the curb appeal looking great we can help with that.

There are better times of the year to trim one species of a tree then others, for example oaks are best to be trimmed and pruned after a good frost and through out the winter.  But other trees like maple can be done year round.  We can help you determine the best time and create a schedule for maintaining your trees and bushes.

Residential storm damage

Storms can change your landscape really fast.  Weather it’s the heavy rain and wind or heavy snow that takes down branches or knocks over an entire tree.  We can help get your yard cleaned up quickly and safely.  If you had branches or trees fall on structures bringing in the right equipment is the fastest and safest way to ensure we can restore you property to its previous condition.  Most homeowners policies will cover the cost of removal and clean up.  Working with your provider is no problem for us.

Stump Grinding

If you had a tree removed a while back and never got the stump ground out we can get that taken care of for you.  Our team specializes and is trained to use the proper equipment to get that stump ground as it was never there.  We have the tools to tackle a small stump from 3″ in diameter to 40” and more.

We can quote the job in three levels.

  1.  Grind stump and leave you the chips or mulch
  2.  Grind stump and clean up the mulch
  3. Grind stump, clean up mulch, refill the area with dirt and seed

This gives you the option to have a choice of either getting involved in the project or being hand free.

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