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Did you know the value of properties that have trees is 9 to 15 percent higher than properties without? If you have trees in your Inver Grove Heights home, they can increase the resell value of the property.

Proper tree care calls for you to seek professional tree services once in a while. You may have to trim or prune trees to improve their appearance. If a tree is disease infested or shows signs of weakness, you have to remove it to prevent damage on your property.

Before hiring a professional tree service, ensure they offer a broad range of tree services. This way, you won’t move from one company to another when in need of different tree-related services.

In this light, here are the tree services you can get from Inver Grove Heights companies, and which you should look for when hiring a professional.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming are essential steps in proper tree care. If your tree has dead or decayed leaves or branches, pruning or trimming them preserves the health of the tree and prevents further decay to other parts of the tree.

Additional benefits of tree pruning and trimming are:

  • They improve the appearance of the tree. Getting rid of unsightly branches or branches that are too high or too low improves landscaping and increases the curb appeal of the property.
  • Pruning and trimming reduce tree-related accidents. Weak, decayed, or dangerously overhanging branches can fall on property or people and cause damage and injuries respectively. Cutting down unwanted branches minimizes these accidents in your home.
  • They help with disease detection. During trimming, you’ll see any signs of disease on your trees and take treatment measures immediately.
  • Pruning and trimming allow sunlight to adjacent plants. Any plants growing under and around tree get sunlight which is essential in growth.
  • Pruning and trimming enhance the health of the tree and promote fruit production. With no unhealthy branches of disease-infested ones, the tree produces more quality fruits.

When hiring a tree service, look for pruning and trimming services. The experts have access to quality tools such as pruning shears, loppers, hedge shears, and pole pruners for a professional job.

Shrub Trimming

Shrubs beautify your landscape and complement other plants in your backyard. They improve air quality by reducing pollutants and contaminants. They also protect the soil from erosion during the rainy season.

However, the shrubs should be trimmed regularly to maintain a beautiful shape, remove dead or unwanted branches, and improve their health.

Tree care services in Inver Grove Heights offer shrub trimming and care services. Just like the trees, shrubs are trimmed, pruned, or regularly lopped to enhance their aesthetic and functional role.

Stump Removal

Have you recently cut down a tree in your backyard? You’re probably still staring at the ugly stump left behind after removing the tree.

Stumps are more than just eyesores in a beautiful landscape. They can cause trip and fall accidents in your yard. Thus, you should eliminate them to restore curb appeal and prevent injuries.

Get a tree service company which offers stump removal services. The experts use various stump removal techniques such as mechanical removal, grinding, or dissolving.

If you need to use the wood chips from the stump for your grill, mulch, or a DIY project, the company can grind the wood into chips for you. If you don’t need the chips, they remove the stump and take it away.

Seasonal Tree Care

Seasonal tree care is essential in preparing your trees for the changing weather conditions throughout the year. Some seasons such as summer and winter are harsh on trees. Without proper care, trees can become unhealthy or infested with fungal diseases.

For example, you should care for your trees in winter to protect them from dying. Some winter care tips include mulching, watering trees during fall, and spraying the leaves to protect them from the elements.

During summer, the trees need protection from the extremely high temperatures. Frequent watering, fertilizing and applying a thick layer of mulch to the base of the trees.

A good tree service company in Inver Grove offers professional tips on seasonal tree care. They also recommend the best treatments and organic and inorganic fertilizers to protect the trees from the harsh weather conditions.

Emergency Storm Service

The storm season is particularly harsh on trees. Large branches break while weak trees fall under the fierce winds. If this happens, you need to remove the broken tree or branches from your property before they damage other landscaping features.

Tree companies offer emergency storm services. They respond immediately to emergency tree removal service after a storm. They take away the broken tree or break it down for you for DIY projects.

Tree Removal

DIY tree removal is dangerous. Research shows that each year, over 36,000 people are treated for chain saw related injuries. Attempting to cut down a tree without professional help can quickly turn catastrophic.

Hire tree service experts for your tree removal needs. The professionals have adequate experience and expertise in handling tree cutting projects.

They also remove the tree without causing substantial damage to your landscape. If a tree is leaning, the experts use ropes and other specialized tools to prevent it from falling on your house, power lines, or other features.

Choosing a Tree Service in Inver Grove Heights

When choosing a tree service in Inver Grove Heights, ensure they offer a list of comprehensive services as indicated above. This way, you can rely on one company for all your tree care needs.

Finally, have the contact of a reliable tree company at hand. You may need it during an emergency, for example, during a storm or when a large branch falls on your property.

Hire the Professionals for Your Tree Care Needs

DIY tree care measures such as mulching, watering, and general tree care are essential. However, you’ll occasionally need the professionals in Inver Grove Heights for other technical tree care services.

Are you looking for a tree service company to work with? We offer a comprehensive service list to meet all of your tree care needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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