Is it time to remove your favorite sugar maple? Maybe it’s been the home to a robin family or a resting spot for the elusive red-tailed hawk.

It can be hard letting such a wonderful part of your landscape go. But, you have to think about the danger to your home and family if you’re noticing signs of tree damage. It’s time to tell yourself, “I should look for a tree removal service near me.”

How Do I Know Which Tree Removal Service to Choose?

The results are overwhelming when you search online for local tree removal companies. You get a mixture of handymen with chainsaws to professional tree removal services. So, how do you know which one to choose?

Here are a few tips on making your decision a stress-free tree removal experience:

Know Your Tree Specialists

It’s easier to make a decision when you understand the different types of tree services. Most services provide pruning, removal and stump grinding. some also offer planting and tree health care.

Arborists are tree specialists who know what the different tree species need. They’re trained to provide the proper care for tree health conditions. Hiring an arborist can keep your trees attractive and healthy.

It also adds value to your property. Arborists remove damaged and diseased trees that harm other trees and landscape plants.

Certified arborists have three or more years of experience in tree care. They also have to pass an arboriculture examination. Certification requires 10 hours of continuing education training every year.

Certified arborists have the education but make sure they also have the experience.

Decide the Work You Need

Before contacting a tree removal company, examine the tree. Determine if it only needs damaged branches or low-hanging limbs pruned. Does the tree show signs of insect or rot damage?

Take a few notes on what you see so you can explain the situation when you call the tree service.

Don’t Wait Too Long

When it’s sunny and mild outside, you might not be thinking about damaged tree limbs that hang over your roof. This is actually the best time to assess the situation. 

Don’t wait until a stormy, windy day when you hear the creaking and swaying of branches to say, “I need to call a tree removal near me before that tree falls on the house.”

Making that call before the storm hits can save you the expense of repairing property damage from fallen limbs or trees.

Call Local Tree Removal Companies

Have a list of questions ready when you call the tree removal services. Make sure to write down the answers you get so you can read them over later. Once you decide which company is right for your situation, you can say, “This is the tree removal service near me that I want to do business with.”

The following questions will help you make the decision about which tree service to use:

  • Do you give free estimates?
  • Are you a licensed tree removal service?
  • Do you have liability and worker’s compensation insurance?
  • Are you a member of any professional organizations?
  • Do you remove tree stumps after taking down the tree?
  • Who is responsible for cleaning up the work site?
  • When will you start and finish work?
  • Do you provide a written contract?
  • Can I see other places you’ve removed trees?
  • Do you provide references?
  • Where can I find reviews from your previous customers?
  • If I decide to keep the tree, do you have an arborist I can consult?

After asking these general questions, make sure you add any others related to your specific situation.

Don’t Pay Before the Job Is Done

Many times door-to-door tree removal services or handymen you find in local ads charge a flat rate for taking down a tree. They usually ask for payment in advance. 

Even though the low price is tempting, consider the danger involved in taking down a tree. Hiring a reputable professional tree removal company is always a safer way to go.

How Do I Find Tree Removal Near Me?

The tried and true method for finding local tree removal companies is in your yellow pages. A more effective and updated way is to do an internet search for “tree removal services near me.”

Another way to find a professional company is to search for review platforms, such as the Yelp review site. You can read first-hand reviews from people that used tree removal services near you. These are honest testimonials and comments from people just like you.

Angie’s List is another online service with listings and reviews of local businesses. You can request quotes from three local tree services once you type in what you need and where you live.

Your local newspaper is another option. Most newspapers also have online classifieds where you can find local businesses.

Still not Sure About Removing Your Tree

If you’re still not sure about taking down the tree in your yard, look at the tree and surrounding area again. You can even ask one of the tree removal companies to send someone over to examine the tree.

Consider the following points when deciding whether to remove a tree on your property:

  • Does the tree have dead branches? If so, these are potential dangers to your home and the people in the area. If a branch falls on your roof or power lines, you and your neighbors are at risk.
  • Are your tree’s roots lifting out of the ground? This can make the tree unstable. The roots can also travel under your driveway and foundation. This causes cracks and foundation damage.
  • Do low-hanging limbs obstruct your view? Overgrown trees, especially evergreens are unsightly and obstruct the view of the street. This can detract from the curb appeal of your home.
  • Do you want more outside living space? Removing trees provides additional outdoor space for a patio, pool or flower gardens. This can add value to your home.
  • Do you see insect damage to the tree? If your tree has signs of insect damage, the bugs can spread to your other trees. 

It’s Time to Take Action

Although it’s always a tough decision to remove a tree from your property. But, it’s the safest option when you’re dealing with a damaged tree.

Also, keeping your trees pruned and maintained enhances your property. It also keeps your other trees healthy.

so, don’t procrastinate any longer. Ask yourself the question, “What is the best tree removal service near me?”

Contact our friendly tree removal professionals at Apple Valley Tree Service providing safe tree removal in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

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