Trees are an essential asset to our environment! Not only do they provide oxygen, but they also provide shade for us and a home for various wildlife. Some trees live for 50 years while others live for thousands of years!

But at one point in time or another, a tree does die. Maybe you moved into a new house with a pre-existing tree and years later you’re not sure if it’s still alive or not. Maybe there’s been some damage to trees at your commercial business due to a natural disaster.

You’re not sure if your tree is ready to be saved or ready to be removed. And you need some advice! Well, you’ve landed yourself in the right place!

When in doubt, contact reputable tree services in Burnsville for the best advice! And make sure you continue reading to get the scoop on how to tell if your tree is worth saving.

I’m Showing Signs

A dying tree will show you signs before it completely dies. Let’s take a look at some signs of a dying tree. If you spot these signs early enough, you might be able to make a save!

I Have Bad Posture

If your tree is leaning off to one side, then this might be a sign that it’s about to die. Act soon or the tree might end up falling! Cracks in the foundation of the tree are another call for help.

I Have Decay

It might be hard to tell if your tree is beginning to decay. This is because it usually starts from the inside and works its way out. Look for spores growing out of the tree, and weak dying branches.

I’m Growing Cankers

A tree that is growing cankers will have sections of dead bark. The cankers are formed because the tree is affected by bacterial or fungal growth. If you see a canker on your tree, then understand that you can prune it off the tree.

My Wood Is Dead

This is one of the easiest signs to spot. A dying tree will have bark that looks unhealthy and dry. The bark breaks off without effort and is colorless.

The wood on the branches breaks off into pieces with the slightest touch when the tree is near death. And because the wood is so dry, it won’t sustain leaf growth.

My Leaves Left Me

A tree that stops growing leaves is showing signs of dying. A healthy tree should have a plentiful amount of green leaves. A dying tree will have none or very few.

I’m Questionable

The difference between a dying tree and a dead tree is not too far apart. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish between the two. But if the tree is still alive, you’ll want to save it!

And if the tree is already dead, you won’t want to waste time and money trying to bring it back to life. But whether it’s alive or not is questionable because a close-to-dead tree and an already dead tree share the same qualities. Both trees will look dried up and have little to no leaves left on the branches.

If your tree is too questionable to be for sure, then give it time. Wait a while before making a final decision. In time, the tree should give you a clearer answer to its health.

Let’s examine the differences between saving vs removing trees more detail.

Save Me

We might think a tree has died, but there’s still hope! Just because a tree has undergone damage, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Minor damages and even severe damages possibly caused by bad weather can be cleaned up by local tree services in Burnsville.

The company will come out and clean the area of tree debris quick and safely. They can then help you assess the tree’s damage. If a tree only lost one branch, then it’s safe to say that it stands a good chance.

Large older trees can lose a major tree limb and still preserve life within. And younger trees can take on quite a bit of damage. As long as the tree trunk remains intact, remove the broken branches and start saving trees!

It’s Too Late

Sometimes, it’s too late. There are several factors to look into when considering if a tree is past saving. Any tree with existing disease, split through its trunk, or too much damage to the top is not worth saving.

It’s too late to save your tree that has rotted from the inside out. This is what causes the trunk to split open. If your tree has split at the trunk, it’s time to have it removed.

If severe weather damage has caused your tree to be left with only the trunk, it won’t make it. It needs the leaf-filled top to survive.

If you are not sure what to do with a dying tree, then you’ll need to contact a tree service!

Tree Services In Burnsville

Whether your tree is dead or has damage, you need to call tree services in Burnsville that you can trust. A trust-worthy tree service company can come to you and assess the damage properly.

They will tell you if your tree is dying or already dead. After determining your tree’s condition, they can put a plan in place. Dead trees can be removed and dying trees can be cleaned up.

Don’t forget to ask about the best ways to keep your dying tree from dying or becoming sick. And click over to our contact page to request a quote and schedule a service!

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