Believe it or not, the average homeowner spends about $2,000 a year on maintenance. For most homeowners, a good portion of that will go towards landscaping.

And what’s more important for your home’s exterior than beautiful and well-maintained trees?

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your trees looking their best. But no matter how hard you try, they’re always at-risk in severe weather.

The best way to keep your trees in good condition is to work with an experienced arborist. But they’re able to do more than just maintain your landscaping.

Here’s how a dedicated tree service in Eagan can help get your trees ready for everything the weather can throw their way.

Maintain with Routine Pruning

Every tree, no matter how old, needs regular pruning to stay healthy. Pruning is the strategic removal of part of the tree’s branches and limbs.

It removes dead growth, gets rid of damaged branches, and can even signal to the tree that it’s time to start producing new blooms and leaves.

The process makes the tree stronger. And the stronger the tree is, the better it can handle storms and high winds.

For best results, schedule pruning in the spring and fall. Making it a part of your tree and landscape maintenance routine helps your trees stay ready for storms at all times.

You’ll never have to worry about last-minute appointments and any storm damage that does happen will be less severe.

Clear Out Dead and Damaged Limbs

Pests, rodents, mold, and time can all wreak havoc on your tree’s branches. And once they’re diseased or damaged, they’re more likely to fall.

High winds and extreme weather further increase that risk.

An experienced tree service in Eagan can inspect your trees and identify high-risk branches. Once they find the ones that need trimming, they’ll take care of it quickly.

Though storm damage can hurt the entire tree, professional removal doesn’t. In fact, it makes it stronger and protects your home from damage due to falling limbs.

Falling limbs break wherever the weakest point is. This exposes the healthy part of the tree to the elements and increases the risk of pests and insect infestations.

When they’re removed by an arborist, they’re cut so the rest of the tree stays strong. The cut is clean and the tree recovers quickly.

Protect the Root System

Tree roots spread far away from the trunk of the tree. But unless the tree is several years old, the roots won’t be stable in the soil.

It takes the average tree about two years to establish their root system. High winds and tons of rain put those roots at risk for disruption.

Your tree service will inspect your yard’s drainage conditions and can install stabilizers to help keep the roots in place during severe weather.

If the roots get damaged after a storm, they’ll develop a strategy to give the tree the best chance to recover.

Evaluating Tree Health and Condition

Healthy trees are better able to weather a storm. Their trunks are strong, their roots are sturdy, and they can handle strain from high winds without breaking.

But if the trees show signs of an infestation or disease, they won’t have the same support structure. This means they’re more likely to fall or lose limbs in severe weather.

With help from your tree trimming team, you’ll be able to keep your trees healthy and monitor their condition throughout the year. As soon as they start to show signs of damage or aren’t growing properly, your experts will take measures to get the tree back on track.

If a tree gets damaged beyond repair, your arborist will safely remove it without damaging the other trees on your property.

Leaving sick or damaged trees on the property puts your entire landscaping at risk for damage in severe weather.

Reduce Risk of Lightning Strikes

Old trees are a wonderful feature for any yard. In fact, established trees can add between 7 and 9 percent to your home’s resale value.

But that investment is incredibly vulnerable to lightning. The older and taller the tree is, the more at-risk it is for a lightning strike.

There are mitigation methods you can use to help keep your trees safe. But it takes a pro to install them correctly. If the system isn’t arranged well, it could lead to worse damage to your trees and your house.

Your arborist will help you establish a solid system to protect the tallest trees on your property. And if they can’t install the system, they’ll help you find someone who can.

Plant the Right Trees in the First Place

In Minnesota, our climate gets humid and warm in the summer and brutally cold in the winter. And some trees aren’t able to handle the temperature changes every year.

Planting the wrong trees in your yard is a surefire way to damage your landscaping.

By working with a tree maintenance company, you’ll guarantee that only the right trees get planted in your yard. When you plant the right species, the roots will grow quickly and take hold in the soil.

The faster your trees get established, the more severe weather they can handle without damage. And the more severe weather they survive, the less money you’ll spend on landscaping and repairs.

Trust the Best Tree Service in Eagan

Keeping your trees safe from severe weather is an on-going process. As long as you have trees on your property, you’ll want to get help from an experienced tree service in Eagan.

At Apple Valley Tree Service, we understand the unique risks trees face in our climate. Our dedicated arborists will do everything they can to keep your trees in good condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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