Despite the fact that damage caused by trees isn’t always covered by insurance, removing an entire tree can start around $1,000.

This small price will often justify a lot of the risk people are willing to take with trees and branches that are hanging precariously. Hiring a tree trimming service is an affordable way to handle these trees before they become a problem.

Tree trimming is more than just a way to make sure you don’t get sued. Depending on where you live, tree trimming might be a legal responsibility. It can ensure that you’re a good neighbor by keeping branches from breaking off and blowing into another yard.

If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to hire a tree trimming service for your trees, consider any of these seven signs as a warning that it might be time for one.

1. Watch For Broken Branches

If you’ve noticed any broken or limp branches around, your tree could be due for a trim. Broken branches can expose parts of the tree to more weather, insect, or animal damage.

Heavy rains or snow can cause tree injuries. Strong winds can also rip a branch from the trunk of the tree. If they’re not tended to immediately, they could become a problem.

Call up a tree trimming service and have them pruned ASAP before they fall down and injure someone. Broken branches are often larger than they appear from 40+ feet below, where you’re standing on the ground.

When they come crashing down, it could mean big trouble.

2. Deep Cracks

Cracks in the bark of your tree could be a sign of a fatal tree injury. They could also be a signal that your tree has gotten sick and could be at risk of dying. If you see a serious crack that appears to be deep, your tree needs some help.

Rot could begin to form and quickly spread throughout the tree, causing it to fall down without you ever realizing the risk. If you treat the tree’s issues you could save it rather than having to remove the tree completely.

The trees on your property help to give your home and your neighborhood the character that you love. A tree trimming service could help you to keep your home the way you like it to lool

3. Crossed Branches

Over time, branches will begin to cross on a tree. An untended-to tree could become tangled, with branches rubbing against each other.

When branches rub against one another, they damage each others bark and expose the interior of your branches. Whenever the bark is removed, the point that is exposed could become a point where a branch or even a trunk could break.

Those exposed points are subject to rot and this could either cause a branch to rot off or could cause rot throughout the entire tree.

4. Look for Deadwood

Look for sections of deadwood on your tree. If you notice that a particular area looks dry and gray while the rest of the tree seems normal, you could have problems just below the bark.

Large sections of deadwood are hazardous and are typically a sign that a tree is dying or at risk of illness. Leave this section untreated and you could end up with a downed tree.

Regular pruning from a tree trimming service will keep your tree in good shape and keep it from having to be removed. It’s better to save a tree while you can rather than have to uproot one and plant another in its place.

5. Watch Branch Density

One of the most obvious signs that its time to call a tree trimming service is when you see an excessive amount of greenery or leaves. If the green is so thick that you can’t see through it, your tree could probably benefit from some pruning.

Density can hide lots of problems. You won’t see broken branches hiding in the greenery. You won’t be able to see obvious signs of rot and deadwood.

Keep your tree neatly pruned so you can avoid waking up to any surprises, like a branch cutting through your windshield or your daughter’s treehouse.

6. Wandering Branches Are Trouble

When you see larger branches, don’t try to prune yourself. This is the job of a talented and experienced tree trimming service. If you have wild and untamed branches, they could cause some serious damage.

Wandering branches can tangle around telephone wires and end up taking the power out for days. Call the local utility company before you start messing with their wires. They might handle it for you to make sure they don’t have to deal with the service calls later.

Other large wandering branches could cause major damage to your roof, windows, or other elements of your property. A large branch could rip through your siding and cause major headaches.

7. Uninhibited Growth

Trees have a natural tendency to grow up toward the sun. In a large yard, with fewer trees to compete with, they could stretch out. They’ll take up all the space they can without competition.

This could lead to unsightly growth and underdeveloped tree branches that are left lower to the ground. Those lower branches need to be pruned or else they could fall off without adequate air and light.

Branches can even collapse under the weight of their own growth. Call a trimmer to make sure your branches don’t go out of control.

A Tree Trimming Service Could Save You Money

If you factor in all of the damage downed trees could do to your property or to someone nearby, it could be comparably cheap to call a trimmer.

A tree trimmer can also make suggestions to help you mitigate future concerns about tree growth on your property. If you’re considering planting more, they might have some suggestions as well.

If you’re ready to call in a trimmer for that troublesome tree, contact us for more information today.

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